Dr. Jenna

Priestap , ND


Lets Do This One on One

From postpartum fatigue, to painful heavy periods and everything in-between; I will support you with your women's health concern. Get personalized support with a virtual naturopathic consultation.

Divine Mama Method

For exhausted & irritable moms to help them regain their energy & calm so they can seamlessly tend to the needs of their family & show up as the mom they want to be while still having energy to do the things that set their souls on fire.

This works through addressing 3 pillars of Nourish the Mama-proper nourishment, Calm the Overwhelm -calming the stress response & Revive the goddess-rewiring limiting beliefs & addressing negative self talk.

Prestigious Postpartum

From perineal healing, to proper nourishment, helping new mamas recover & thrive physically & mentally during the fourth trimester/first 3 months postpartum.

Period Pain Be Gone

Let Dr. Jenna get to the root cause of your painful periods and remedy the problem, so you can get back to living your life!

Dr. Jenna teaches you the 3 main culprits for period pain

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